House    Price per house Maximum beds Approx price per person & night
if maximum number of beds are used
Björken   3300 SEK 2 (235 SEK)
Kvarnstugan   5600 SEK 5 (160 SEK)
Eken / Boken   6300 SEK 6 (150 SEK)
Linden   6300 SEK 7 (128 SEK)
Almen:  half of the house   7800 SEK 7 (159 SEK)
Almen:  hole of the house   12400 SEK 14 (126 SEK)


Extra bed

per person 800 SEK: only possible in Kvarnstugan, Almen och Linden

Bed and chair for babies are free


Boat, motor, canoes and bikes - limited numbers

Canoe 1000 SEK

Boat 1000 SEK

Elektromotorboat 1600 SEK, loaded batteries available

Motorboat 2100 SEK, petrol not included

Motorboat with elektromotor: 2500 SEK, petrol not included, batteries available

Bike 300 SEK

Bikes both for childen and adults, helmut

Life wests are free

Sheets and towels 

Per person 150 SEK must be booked in advance